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Hey guys, it's me again.
So like..I managed to have an access to her account. She gave me the password long time ago. We basically knew all our passwords, kek.
Anyway, I saw this unfinished journal on her I think she wanted to post it somewhere in the future. She hates writing journals so I guess she got mad while writing it and just wanted to finish it later. Unfortunately, she didn't have enough time, as you can see. So I decided to post it, because I know how much you all loved Fukka's comic series and how much it inspired you, that's why I think you all should know, what the story was about.
I found some pictures below on Fukka's Tumblr in drafts. So, I had a feeling that I should include them in this journal.
- KaasuP

Hi everyone! If this journal was posted it means that I won't continue my comics and explain everything here or maybe there was another reason???? 

You guys are smart, you know! I've seen some people guessing the right thing about my comics, it makes me laugh (cause I am evil). I also loved to tease you all (cause I am evil), but I think it’s enough now, cause it’s time to explain you the meaning of this comic. I will start with characters.

Monochrome World (другое)


10 by FukkatsumiMori
Here’s our first villian! That Black evil Miku repsresents emotion and that emotion is anger. I bet you have noticed that she is always agressive and evIL. Her job is to keep good memories away to make everything look more pessimistic and dark.


4 by FukkatsumiMori

This is the second villian. Yes, she is the villian (at least in my opinnion??) and she represents sadness. Did you notice that she is always sad and insecure? A good example would be this part. She helps Anger destroying everything good. Remember this moment? Sadness lured Rin out to Anger.

(без имени)
14 by FukkatsumiMori

This Miku doesn’t represent any emotion. She represents the dreams, conscience, and unbiased feelings. I’d say that she represents the inner feelings. I hope you understand me, haha.

The problem that (???) has is that emotions can harm her. You have seen how she got literally blinded by her emotions. Miku from real world depends on (???).


3 by FukkatsumiMori

This character didn’t appear in the comics.

Every emotion has it dark side and good side. Anger’s good side is Placidity. 


2 by FukkatsumiMori

This character didn’t appear in the comics.

Sadness’s good side is Happiness.


5 by FukkatsumiMori

Remember this? There was a new character and her name is Mask. I don’t think I need to explain what Mask represents. This is another villain.

Now we are done with characters. I don’t think I need to explain characters from the real world.

Some Q/A (отсортировать)

Q: Why butterflies? What they represent?

A: No reason, really. At first I thought it would be cool to use them, since I liked them. Butterflies represent memories.


Q: Why Rin was in the Monochrome World?

A: In Monochrome World Rin represents Miku’s memory of Rin. You know, sad moments, funny moments.


Q: What did Anger and (???) talk about?

A: Consider this ''fight with your feelings’’.


Q: Why did (???) got blind?

A: She got blinded by her own emotions.


Q: What about the flower crown?

A: It represents hope for better. When I’m sad I always try to find a positive thing in a situation.


Q: So (???) died in the end?

A: More like ‘'killed by her own emotions’’


Q: Did Anger feel bad for her actions?

A: When you are angry you do something and then you think.


Q: What did Anger and Sadness talk about?

A: One feeling is trying to get over another feeling.


Q: Did Sadness try to save (???)?

A: She did, but she made things worse.


Q: Why did Anger unblinded (is that even a word) (???)?

A: That way (???) would see how everything is messed up and it can’t be fixed anymore.


Q: Why did the world dissapear?

A: Miku from the real world couldn’t take the pressure.


Q: Why did Sadness and Anger have colored eyes?

A: It shows which feeling is stronger.


Q: What are those black things that were with Sadness?

A: Those things represents the ugliness of Sadness – insecurity, fears and so on.


Q: What about Anger’s creepy hands?

A: Same thing. Hands represemts teh ugliness of Anger – weakness, bad consequences and so on.

What will happend next? (новая точка – новая часть)

  • Miku (real world) won’t be able to take the pressure. She will attempt suicide. She will go there and try to jump out of the window. Hovewer, she will be scared of heighs and get scared. HOVEWER, she would slip and then BLACKOUT (cause I am evil).
  • Next part would jump to (???). She knows that it’s the end, yet she doesn’t want to belive it. This whole time she would look at the good old memories and it make her want to fight.
  • Mask will appear in the world.
  • This.
  • (???) and Mask will look for Sadness and find her in a bad state. Like really bad state.
  • (???) and Mask will try to calm Sadness down. (???) will have to face a fear of judgement.
  • Sadness, (???) and Mask will to come to Anger.
  • Some action. (???) will face a fear of bad consequences.
  • Anger will turn into Placidity. Mask will dissapear.
  • Miku in the real world will wake up.
  • Happy ending.

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Welcome by Dri-Bee

Hello everyone! Please, call me Fukktasumi [or Fukka, I don't mind]. I am making pictures with MMD and also animations too. Don't be shy to talk to me. I will always answer. Hope you will like my art and animations!

I love all my kouhais and watchers! You guys are the best!

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Not working in MMD anymore.

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zeptus Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 Blue Butterfly Blue Butterfly
NatTheOtaku Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Um... I know this is really, really late, but.. Suppose I'll put it here anyways.

I didn't know Fukka had passed away until this morning, I had been told it by one of my friends here in the MMDC. When I heard that she had, it killed me.

Fukka was always one of the biggest inspirations to me in the MMDC, and I remember sitting on this page for HOURS looking at her work and always being so inspired to do other pieces of MMD work of my own, even though I know that they were never going to be as amazing as any of her own. I adored her work, and I wish SO much that I had gotten the chance to talk to her. Her work was always colorful, even in monochrome, and it said more than could ever be said with words. Fukka inspired me to do so much, and it kills me to know that one of the best people in the MMDC is gone.

I hope wherever you are, Fukka, you are truly happy. We miss you.

Thank you, for being the inspiration to so many artists, like myself. Hatsune Miku-07 (Cries) Pikachu Crying Plz 1 Mewtow crying plz Nagisa Bowing Icon Ayano Tateyama (Bows) [V12] Yuuki Bowing Icon Hatsune Miku-08 (Gift V2) 
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bluepixie02 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017
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missing you so incredibly much, fukka, it hurts. i used to check your account
all the time, and whenever i was on da just responding to stuff, i would always try
to stop by and visit to download all of your beautiful works. you've always been one
of my biggest inspirations, and that will never change. i really hope that wherever you
are now is treating you well, and that you are happy and able rest peacefully. you hold
such a special place in my heart, as well as everyone else's here in the community, and
you will never be forgotten nor replaced. 
you were more than just a mere inspiration to
me; you were my friend, and although we never really talked much, i still considered you
a friend and a true light to everyone here. you had such a beautiful & breathtaking artstyle
that i simply couldn't compare it to anyone else's. you were so creative and intelligent and kind and
had such a bright personality that i always just loved dropping in and commenting to chat with you. ♥
thank you. we love you, and miss you like crazy. please, wherever you are, take care of yourself, be safe, and rest well.

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